William McDowell

Revival is not a thing of the past. It s happening now! Since May of 2016 Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida, has experienced a move of God with numerous healings and supernatural encounters. This outpouring of the Spirit bears many hallmarks of historic revivals that have taken place in the past four hundred years. Pastor William McDowell challenges you to believe that if revival is happening anywhere, it can happen everywhere. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healings are taking place today. The people of God are passionately pursuing Him, and He is responding.

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Billy Humphrey

Unceasing is a look at night and day prayer from biblical, historic and prophetic perspectives. Those who desire a greater understanding of Night and Day prayer and it’s relevance in our day will find Unceasing to be a great source in this pursuit. Because there is such a groundswell of prayer in the earth many questions arise: What is night and day prayer? What are the biblical and historical precedents for this unique model of intercession and worship? How is ceaseless prayer applicable to those living in new testament times? Unceasing addresses these questions and gives the reader clarity in regard to the prayer movement that’s sweeping the earth.

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Mike Bickle

A practical, effective strategy for incorporating prayer into everyday life
As the founder of the International House of Prayer, Mike Bickle has devoted his life to understanding and practicing the principles and power of prayer. In Growing in Prayer he combines his biblical study with his extensive experience on the topic to give you the tools you need to develop a stronger prayer life through a passionate commitment to your relationship with God.

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