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Day 2
Category: Prayer 2019

Read Mark 4. Jesus gave us insight into understanding how His Kingdom would work in our lives. Like a farmer sowing seed, amazing things happen when the seed falls on good, healthy, fertile ground.

Our hearts are like the garden. The things we plant into our lives will grow, and weeds can sprout up if we are not paying attention. If we are going to experience all the amazing things Jesus has provided, we must be intentional about planting the "right" things in our hearts and getting rid of the "weeds." Plant His Word and cultivate it, and it will produce an incredible harvest. As you fast, expect God to reveal Himself to you more clearly.


“Lord Jesus, thank You for helping me see the amazing truth of sowing Your Word into my life. The harvest that is produced is transforming my life. Help me to see You for who You really are. Help me to see myself in light of who I have become because of Your gift of righteousness. In Jesus' Name, amen.”