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Day 3
Category: Prayer 2019

Read 1 Samuel 11. The Israelites were under attack. Was there anyone who could save them? Note some interesting symbolism here: Nahash means “serpent.” Jabesh means “dried up.” The “eye” is symbolic of vision and whenever “right” is mentioned, as in the “right hand of God,” it symbolizes authority. Clearly, the attack was a spiritual one.

When our relationship with Jesus feel “dried up,” our enemy attacks. Have you ever considered compromise as an option? Compromise comes from a lack of vision and authority over the enemy. Today, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any compromise in your life and where you need to be recommitted to Christ. Respond in obedience, and Jesus will restore both your authority and your vision so you will experience victory!


“Lord, my desire is to follow You with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Please help me today to see any areas of my life in which I have intentionally or unintentionally allowed compromise to creep in. Today, I recommit my life completely to You. Awaken my soul, and fill me with Your presence. In Jesus' Name, amen.”