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Day 4
Category: Prayer 2019

Read 1 Samuel 12. The prophet Samuel gives his farewell address after anointing Israel’s first king, Saul. God graciously permitted His people to have an earthly king and promised to bless them as long as they and their king remained obedient to Him first. However, the Israelites’ failure to comply with God’s standards resulted in them missing out on the promises their ancestors received.

God wants to rule and reign in our hearts. We often struggle with walking by faith and not by sight, so we seek something tangible. God, in His perfect, permissive will and grace, will grant our requests under a stipulation - that we are completely obedient to His Word. The promises of God always carry the asterisk of obedience.


“Heavenly Father, I pray that You give me the strength to be obedient to Your Word. During this season of prayer and fasting, help me hear Your voice more clearly so I can operate within Your will. In Jesus' Name, amen.”