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Day 9
Category: Prayer 2019

Read Mark 6. After being instructed by God to destroy the Amalekite nation completely, Saul decides his own way is better. He ends up sparing the life of the Amalekite king and keeping the livestock that appealed to him. His disobedience caused God great sorrow.

Putting God first is really all about having the highest value for Him and what He says. Too often, we make our own adjustments to what God has said, thinking we know best. Valuing God’s Word and trusting His ways means when He speaks, we obey completely. Ask God to empower you to follow His truth. Make the decision that His way is your way, and then just do it.


“Father, open my eyes to see that Your ways lead only to life. I will trust You with all of my heart. Thank You that Your grace empowers me to walk in Your ways. Thank You that I have not been left to my own ability, but am empowered to live in a way I could never live on my own. In Jesus' Name, amen.”