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Day 13
Category: Prayer 2019

Read 1 Samuel 18. Even Saul, who tried to kill David, recognized the hand of God on his life. David’s success and favor was two-fold. First, David understood from his past experiences that his success was a result of the Lord being with him. Second, David was given the responsibility of leading the king’s men into battle against the enemies of Israel.

David had determined in his heart to advance the kingdom of his king. As you fast today, reflect on the victories God has given you in your life and consider them as preparation and confirmation of the victories to come. Praise God for where He has positioned you in your life and commit to advancing the Kingdom.


“Dear Jesus, thank You for all You have done and are going to do in my life. Help me to acknowledge You and receive Your grace in everything I do. Allow my life to bring glory to Your name as You empower me to advance Your Kingdom in my world. In Jesus' Name, amen.”