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Day 15
Category: Prayer 2019

Read 1 Samuel 19. The Israelites were under attack. Jonathan, an intercessor for David, saw the hand of God upon David’s life and knew he stood blameless before God. Our victories may cause jealousy to surface in others and may result in us being persecuted when we don't deserve it.

However, we can take comfort in knowing Christ intercedes for us and gives us favor. He also surrounds us with people who will support and encourage us. We cannot always control how people treat us, but we can control how we honor God.


“Lord, help me to honor You as I seek to draw closer to You during this season of prayer and fasting. Even through persecution, allow my conduct to glorify You. In the name of Jesus, help me to intercede on behalf of others who may be dealing with judgment, jealousy, and unwarranted attacks. In Jesus' Name, amen.”